“SORCERERASSASSIN’s View on our Group and Community!”

This is a video on The Elemental Squad, a group I(TheElemental_A5) along with PixxelHeartt started, and our Great community GGGamers! Now, The Elemental Squad is no longer a group, it has turned out into a family which for many is very very precious(like me), we, The Elementals, have many great things going on, such as stories with our characters, Music Videos, Fun Stories etc.

This video is made by SorcererAssassin, who is one of the best people we have in our group. This video was made as a secret project for us(The Elemental Squad) and GGGamers, Hopefully you guys and gals watch it completely, share your thoughts, Subscribe to her , and Join us in our fabulous journey!

I know there are many more out there who want to join our group and be a part of our community The Elemental Squad together with GGGamers, The link to My discord group(The Elemental Squad) is: https://discord.gg/38nwDgu   The Link to GGGamers Discord is: https://discord.gg/qYyKMGR ! We are waiting for you to join us and together we can grow into a Bigger Family!

After all, i want to thank SorcererAssassin for being one of the best friend I(A5) ever had and also helping our GGGamers Minecraft server out!


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