This page will be dedicated to news and progress about our advanced streaming project.

GGGAMERS have always been early adapters to both disruptive technologies and services that are appearing.
We embrace new technology and explore it in order to create something that few if any are doing.  We think this will result in something that can be both exciting for viewers and for brands.

We also believe that we will be among the first to enter a new market and shaping it with the products we are about to develop.

We are so lucky to have partnered with, pioneers in remote video transporting and with help from their groundbreaking technology and software we want to present new and exciting ways to create high-quality live streaming shows on a low budget.

Our concept and theory is simple.  LIVE streaming with dynamic interaction between multiple streamers at the same time is more fun than watching only one live streamer and will result in a higher viewer count.

Many live streams do feature streamers interacting but almost all streams only show 1 streamer while he is talking to others.
Some streams feature the webcam to another streamer but no one is showing in real-time what the other streamer is doing.  We want to do that!  Don’t confuse this with co-op streaming on, which is awesome, but we are taking it all to a new level! Ultimately we want to be able to have a show where we can switch between split screens to solo screens to even 4 screens,  just like you would switch between cameras in a tv show production.

Our goal with this project is to implement new technology together with a coordinated work of a small production team and create a new type of shows for popular platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Mobcrush, Facebook, and Mixer.

This is without any doubt new waters and we will test and fail until we reach our goal and you can follow the progress on this page.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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