So you want to become a streamer? Or Youtuber? Both!? Is there a difference? How does this all work?… I am confused…

Yes there are many questions around this subject and also misconceptions.

The truth is that even though streaming has been around for several years it is not until now it is getting mainstream together with e-sports.  Today there are several ways to make an income, partially or full time doing things related to gaming and streaming.

In coming articles I will start to ease you into the world of streaming and how you can slowly and consistently build up a network and fanbase that will put you in a spot where you can both have revenue from ads shown in your videos like they do on Youtube and also get your share from sponsored projects that we at gggamers find for you via our partnerships and our network.

Before I continue I will make one thing extremely clear to you and you really need to digest the fact I am about to share with you.  Chew on it for a bit and always keep this fact in mind every time you stream.


Never ever think for one moment that you will be cashing in big checks straight away!  You have to be determined, consistent and have a long term goal and plan set up.  No one and I repeat, NO ONE ever gets the breakthrough after a month or two.  If you think that is what is waiting you than you need to stop now and have a reality check 😉

The truth is that most successful streamers today have gotten there as a result of doing what they do for several years.   I repeat: “Several years”!

There is no difference between becoming successful at this as in any other things in life.  you need to work on it for it to happen and you need to work hard on it. Dont fool yourself about this.

BUT! Having said this I also want to tell you that it can be done and when you do, the sky is the limits.  Regard this as any other skill or startup. It takes time and work but if you are determined you will make it.  The beauty is that you can do this at your own tempo but always do something all the time.  Set up a schedule where you stream once or twice a week for 1-2 hours at a time and always share your activity on your social media channels.  Invest in your project and slowly build up a set of better tools for streaming.

Being a part of gggamers will help you a lot since we will do the hardest part of all for you, getting the sponsors and partners.

I will cover all of this in upcoming articles.

Where should you start? I highly highly advice you to do following: Set up Twitch, youtube and mobcrush accounts and also a Facebook fan page.  For now you can google yourself on how to do it. is a service specializing in streaming mobile games.


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