The future for content creators!

GGGAMERS is shaping the future for content creators together with their partners.

Few years ago, making videos on Youtube was almost the only way to make money or being a profiled streamer on Twitch. Today its near impossible for 90% of youtubers to earn revenue and getting famous on Twitch is like winning in the lottery.

But with new ideas and new technology, new solutions appear for content creators!

GGGAMERS offers a real viable way for streamers to make extra income from their streams and even enable them to do it as a full time job down the road. It certainly is possible.

How does it work?  We are a community and network of gamers and streamers, offering training, assistance and above all, help with getting sponsors.  As a streamer you can focus on what you do best, streaming and let us do all the hard and complicated work that is involved in making deals with sponsors.

Together as a network we can make better deals for all of us than if we would do it alone and together with our partners we have even more people working around the clock contacting brands, companies and other clients that would like to get their products or services promoted in your stream!

We are already doing this and making money from it so it works and you can become one of the streamers in our growing streamer family that gets paid for streaming.  How awesome is that!?

If you are an established streamer with fairly large audience, chances are that you will be getting the good campaigns that pay well and we are talking about campaigns that pay 250 dollars and more. Campaigns can secure you payouts in the 1k+ area and higher if you are big enough so this is definitely something you should look into

There are no contracts and we want nothing from your earnings elsewhere.  We are not a multi channel network but more like the negotiator and middle man working for you.

If you are new to this all but would like to start out as a streamer you are welcome too.

We offer a community of streamers, where you can learn a lot, chat with other streamers and ask questions, participate in events and grow in this profession in a friendly and welcoming environment.

So dont wait and apply now! 🙂

We are now accepting applications for the streamer’s program.

If you are starting up now, you will benefit from our insight and connections we already have plus our streamer’s school which will teach you everything you need to know about streaming (This is under development)If you already are an experienced streamer we would like to help you earn more money via your streams.  We will work while you sleep at getting sponsors and partners that want to reach out to our growing gggamers network of streamers.  The more we are, the better. Does this sound good?  Then hit the green button and join the gggamers growing army of streamers.


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