Rent our streamers to promote your product. Engaging streamers are the best promoters!

Rent a streamer or two or 20! ¬†It’s up to you! Getting an engaged and skilled streamer to promote your product is hands down the most effective way to create awareness around your brand or game and have higher ROI than conventional ways of promotions.

We have over 30 streamers in our network and we offer you to engage them in paid projects where they promote your product in their streams.

Choose between conventional ads that appear in their streams or to have our streamers do shoutouts in the stream with info about your product.

Do you have a game that you want viewers to know about? Weekly reach of our network is around 100.000 views.  Streamers gaming and engaging in the chat, communicating about their gameplay, that could be your game is the best way to create hype around it!

Contact us for more information and we will give you an estimate based on your need, availability, and scale of the project.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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