Hunbear, who is the person behind the username?

My name is Hunter Barras, (Hunbear was one of my nicknames in middle and high school), I’m 25 and live in Savannah, Georgia. I currently work for Verizon Wireless, and graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2014. I’m currently working on my second degree while working full-time. I have a black Labrador Retriever that I rescued and she is an amazing companion. Growing up I played a lot of video games and played baseball and American football, so the competitive attribute has always been there for me.

Why did you start to play Clash Royale?
This is actually a funny story. Back in mid-2016 when I was a manager at my old Verizon store I had an employee of mine who played it non-stop. I downloaded the game and have been hooked ever since.

Who is your favorite Clash Royale player and why?
I don’t really have a favorite player to be honest, but I do enjoy watching surgical goblin and how he places cards. I do believe learning the minor interactions helped develop me as a player.

Who is your favorite Clash Royale streamer?
POGSZ of course! But I actually don’t really watch many streamers, just YouTube videos on card interactions.

What decks do you like to play?
I first unlocked graveyard in December of 2016. I fell in love with the card and it’s been my favorite ever since. But my main deck I composed together is something I created back when I first unlocked graveyard and it’s withstood all the changes in the meta. Besides graveyard I enjoy Miner control decks. Playing defense is the fun part of the game for me, which I know is a little odd.

Best moment in Clash Royale?
I have had a few big wins against top 200 players, but two other accomplishments come to mind. Making it to the round of 64 in the NA CCGS Spring 2017 tournament. I lost in the finals in my bracket to Trainer Diputs, who runs a Nova account. My other major accomplishment was getting 20 wins in the CCGS fall challenge.

Hunbear, you are also the leader of GGGritty Fifty. How did that come around and explain the meaning of the clan name.
Well this one is a little complicated, but it started out me joining a work clan and came in as an elder. But after about 10 months or so it was clear I was the most active and best player in the clan, so I got promoted to leader. After that, I met Isaac and we merged clans. I invited Jelly, and he brought some clan members over, and a random member actually came up with the name. We discussed it and we liked it. It was different, and matched our “rag-tag thrown together” clan.

Have you ever thrown away your phone after a bad game or after getting the fifth hard counter in a row? 😉
I’m not really an emotion guy when it comes to games. I understand match ups will suck, even sometimes 6, 7, even 8 games in a row. Although I absolutely despise 3 musketeer beat down decks, the worst I’ll do is just laugh at the odds or zap a king tower and close the game out. It’s just a game, and emotions don’t mix well with a quick response strategy game. Gotta keep that mind clear!

Here is Hunbears clan info if you are interested in joining:
– Requirements:
4300+ PB, 4000+ Current
Competitive Players
Active in chat, donates, participates
No BM is tolerated!
Leader: Hunter Barras (Hunbear)


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