We don’t waste time and when the right people do contact us we don’t need 5 board meetings and a psychological tests from 3 independent sources before we can decide.
thank you to all of you that contacted us but there is one that stood out and his name is  Abad Katpar!

We want to introduce to you all Dr.Abad katpar, 19 year old man from Pakistan with plenty experience from the world of Clash Royale esports.
you will probably become to know him as Dr. DeDuke which is his IGN in Clash Royale.

If you wonder about whether he has the right stuff, we can tell you that he is a 20 wins challenge player with more than 275000+ cards won. He is EX-Captain for Pakistan National team and former coach, adviser & player for ãkō rōshī APAC
He also has over 5 months of team managing experience and over 9 months of competitive experience. He has also been a gggamer for a while now and is familiar with the happy, crazy positive gang we are.

Abad is already in full action as Director and we look forward to work closely with him around our eSports efforts.  If we could give him a hug or a handshake we would do that but he has gotten a fair share of silly pointless memes from us all 🙂

Welcome Abad! May the triple G’s be with you!


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