So you want to become a streamer?  Interesting choice that begs the question why?


It is always a good thing to take time to reflect on things before making any big decisions and that is exactly what we will do in the first lesson in the streamer’s school.  I want you to think about several things before continuing because becoming a streamer involves many things that you might not have realized yet or you don’t know about.  I will go through several of them.

So back to the initial question.  Why do you want to become a streamer?  Is it because you want to make money from it?  Is it because you find it interesting and like the idea to share your gameplay with an audience live?  Are you just curious and want to try this out?  There can be other reasons too but theses are some of the most common ones.

Either way it is a good starting point to actually know the reason to why you want to do this.

Let’s assume that since you are reading this as a gggamer your main reason is to actually make money from this.  Do you know what that actually involves and how realistic is it to make money from streaming?  Before going into any details I want explain the scope of what it involves.


To become a streamer that can earn money from it you need to understand that it will take time to build up an audience that is valuable for advertisers/sponsors and partners.  If you only have like 5 people in total watching you every time you stream you will probably not earn anything.
The time factor is extremely important to understand right from the beginning.  You need to be super realistic and accept the fact that in the beginning you will not have the big crowd joining your streams and you are competing against tens of thousands of other streamers, some of them have already been streaming for many years.


So it is a hopeless task!  Right?

No it is not an hopeless task.  Becoming a successful streamer involves the same principles as any other business startup or skills.  It takes time to build it up and master the skills.

I will conclude what I have mentioned so far with the following 3 words. You absolutely must agree too and live by these principles from this moment and onward.  If you dont, you will fail. Its so simple.

Time – Commitment – Consistency!

Yep you must stream more often than just one time.  The chances that a billionaire will donate 100.000 dollars in your first stream are slim 😉 You need to keep streaming for an period before things start to happen.  So how long is that period exactly? 1 month? 3 months? 3 years?  There is no absolute truth to that since it also involves many other factors, like your personality, what you are streaming, your target group, how often do you stream, the marketing around your stream, luck etc etc.


Realistically it will take you a long time to gain such a big audience that you can do it full time.  Few streamers are doing it full time and those that do are those that started early and/or have stayed the course and have been doing this for years and committed themselves to achieve this.

Thats right, you need to be committed to this project and set yourself a goal.  “I want to become a streamer that has a part time income”!  Thats a realistic goal to begin with.  Then you add “And I want to get there within 3-5 years”  Now you have a goal and the time frame for it.  Write it down and note it mentally in your head.  Talk to your closest ones about it so that all are on the same page and understand why you are doing this.  You can even look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud “I commit myself to work on this for the next (insert your time frame)”

You have the plan and you are committed to make it happen which leaves you to the actual job which is to stream consistently over this period of time you have decided.  This is the hard part and at times frustrating and demanding.  It’s not always just fun fun! It can be tedious and boring at times just like any ordinary jobs can be 😉  Dont kid yourself.

In this first short lesson I have tried to make you aware that earning an income involves more than just sit down once and twice and press the “broadcast” button.

But I also want to tell you that it can be done and there is a road to it filled with exciting things, technology and tools to discover that will help you on the way towards your goal.  Still interested?

In the next lessons I will start talking more about the actual details and where you should start.


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