Hi everybody!

POGSZ your fearless leader here 🙂

As you probably know… or should have known 😉 is that the GGGAMERS World Championship tournament is a GGGAMERS member event. ONLY registered GGGAMERS members can participate.

As we were preparing today and setting up the brackets we discovered that a massive 50% of those that wanted to compete are not members at all!

Some may have valid reasons for this while others are just trying to cheat and others just haven’t bothered to register as members but are active out in the clans. It is also possible that clan leaders and co leaders haven’t explained to new clan members that they must register as GGGAMERS members in order to stay in clan and participate in events like this.

So we have decided to be fair and allow those that maybe didn’t know this to get time to register and make things right. That is why we have postponed the championship until next week. We will announce the date next week.

We will also need to make a new form that will only be accessible to members and no one else. that will be ready in next week. Apologies to all of you that are already members and have applied to the championship. You will sadly need to fill out the form again. it only takes you a minute though 😉

Again I want to emphasize what I have said many times in groups and streams. There will be events for GGGAMERS ONLY! That should encourage you and motivate you to register 🙂



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