Exciting and demanding things lie ahead of us like never before… (playing dramatic music)

Here is a roadmap for the most important things we are doing atm.

Week 1. The advanced streaming project:
We need the best of the best to work closely with us on the advanced streaming project that is going to put us on the map big time… pun intended 😉
Only serious streamers that will commit to it and have the proper setup and skills will be considered, so yes we are assembling a team!… (epic music follows)

Week 1-2. Teaching and helping the team to use Medialooks tech
We need to test the connection between streamers and studio and solve possible issues in order to get a stable environment for all streamers.  Streamers must know what to do should a problem occur and how to solve it.

Week 3. Bring it together in a working, functional stream
Do test streams where we further adjust and decide on best practice and routines in order to secure a best possible experience for all.

Week 3-4. Do a real test show with all the bells and whistles
Hype hype! Post in all places and lets do this!

First game we will focus on for this project is Clash Royale and when we feel confident that we have a model that works well, we will start producing other shows. Along the way, we might have external partners joining in on the fun.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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