Its not just “GG” after a good game, no Its “GGG” in our organization!

GGG both represents “good gamers gaming together” and “gamers gaming and growing together”

Our names are Petur Reynisson and Joshua Isaiah Muniz and we are gamers and entrepreneurs that have seen a growing need for creating a community and network where aspiring gamers and streamers can grow in a healthy and positive environment and also earn revenues from doing it.

There are many ways today to make a career in the gaming industry and by that we mean playing games and either or both compete in games at a semi pro or pro level and also stream/make videos from it and build that into a business model that one can either have as a part time job or go all the way in. The sky is the limit!

As a gg gamer you will be coached and tought how to have success in both.
We are gamers that game together and grow together.

We have already established a Clash Royale organization with 4 clans and our main clan GGGOBLINS reached the top 100 list in only three weeks! We also have now our own e-sport team.  The long term plan is to branch out into other games as well and get the best people out there to work with us!

If you are already streaming or making videos and have an fanbase but are only making money from ads, you should contact us.  we are working on teaming up with leading streaming technology services to ensure growth and connection with brands and sponsors.

We are still in early phase but expect to seriously start recruiting both skilled gamers and streamers/tubers early next year.

Use our contact page to message us.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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